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Regan m. Adams

Wholistic life Shifter Coaching

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Regan M. Adams

Thank you so much for stopping by my website. My name is Regan M. Adams, and I want to help you live your best life from the inside out!

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Locate Your Gift with

Strategic Insight & Product Planning

In this one hour, two session course, we will discover your gift(s) and how you can use it. We will also discuss digital and non-digital product options and how they can possibly enhance your earning potential. $399

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Services Offered


Talk To Me

(Laser Coaching)

Do you have ONE question or problem that you need help with working through the solution for? Your question must be centered around getting unstuck or living your best life from the inside out.

This is a one hour session.


Strategic Business Insight With Product Planning

This one hour session will be about your specific business insight coupled with product planning information. This information will provide you with ways to make multiple streams of income and give exposure to your business.

One Hour Session - $147

Get Your Groove Back:

How to Reinvent Yourself & Date Them & You After Divorce

Three Day - One Hour




Jasmine Milhouse


Clarissa G.

Sometimes your nightmares can be a blessing. Thank you Regan M. Adams . I listen to you through my darkest moments and your prayers. I did the work you requested. Thanks for challenging me to trust in God’s power. I would have missed out on my future. God’s placed it in the right timing. I would have missed out.

M. G.

Regan, among other things and people, you have literally been saving my life. Depression has been weighing me down. I hate telling people that because it's usually met with "just get up and be happy" and then no one wants to kick it with someone struggling with depression. You have been super encouraging and keeping me going.

Laura H.

Regan, I just love you! You and your businesses/ministry are so helpful in my growth. I’m healing from trauma and trying to break the limited thinking mindset. You are a blessing to me and I wanted you to know!

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